Photos Needed for “Noel Neill: First Lady of Metropolis” Presentation at 2017 Superman Celebration

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A presentation titled “Noel Neill: First Lady of Metropolis” is being created for the 2017 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois.


The creators of the presentation, Jim Bowers and John Field, are looking to showcase a robust selection of Noel Neill photos, including any photos shot during previous Superman Celebrations (starting in 1997, the first year she attended). If you have photos you’d like to submit, please send your high-resolution files to If you only have prints and not digital files, that’s perfectly ok, send Jim an email just the same. Every effort will be made to credit people whose submissions are included.

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  1. HI I have a beautiful photo tI took of ‘Lois Lane’ hat you can use please credit PHOTO © SHEIN DIE if you do – The First Lady of Metropolis ~ Honored to have met her – I posted my photo to my twitter @Sheindie .. you can check it out

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