Race Car Driver Is Little Boy’s Real Life Superhero

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It was a surprise one boy in Franklin County, Virginia likely will never forget. His idol showed up for him at a time when he really needed a superhero.
But this kind of superhero doesn’t fly in the sky. Instead, he speeds on the ground.

“He’s 51, and 51’s my highest number,” Stetson Newton said.

Number 51 is driven by WJ Altizer, who races for It Is What It Is Motor Sports at the Franklin County Speedway.

“Stetson came up and asked me if I was a superhero. I told him I wasn’t; I just drive race cars,” Altizers said.

But that’s not all Altizer does. He also gives back to his fans, recently showing up to school for lunch with Stetson.

“He didn’t realize I was there until I walked, he was sitting, leaning up against the wall. I said, ‘Hey man, you ever eat here before?’ He looks up at me, instantly lights up,” Altizer said.

“He wanted to make my day,” Stetson said. “So my head was about to explode when I saw WJ there!”

Nachos and spaghetti were on the menu. But more importantly, Stetson was hanging out with WJ at a time when he’s been going through some medical issues.

On a race day, it’s no different with Altizer showing appreciation for some of his youngest fans.

“Stetson really looks up to him. He comes up in the stands a lot of times and gives all the kids popsicles and all that good stuff, and the kids really look up to him,” said Travis Newton, Stetson’s father.

Altizer gave Stetson a signed picture and racing gloves, a piece of his hero to hold onto off of the track.

“Up to this day, he still doesn’t get over, I’m still a super hero to him, and I do what I can to live up to that, that’s a lot to live up to though,” Altizer said.

He went to another school surprise on Thursday for Stetson. It was National School Breakfast Week, so Altizer met Travis Newton at school to surprise Stetson again during breakfast. What a way to start the school day!

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